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for Manufacturers

Are you a manufacturer who wants to be able to create BIM/3D objects for a number of different softwares from a single source?

for developers

Are you a developer who wants to use the most powerful BIM content creation tool out there?

for designers aND mechanical engineers

Are you a designer or mechanical engineer who'd like to produce not only construction drawings, but also BIM files with little extra effort?

Choose between three high-quality environments where your BIM objects are placed and the interaction is programmed according to your requirements.

What is BIMscript®?

We developed the scripting language BIMscript to give users the right tools for the creation of parametric BIM objects. Combined with the plugin BIMobject, BIMscript offers a smooth transition from mechanical CAD to intelligent BIM objects in cloud-based environments.

The plugin BIMobject works as an authoring app for the mechanical 3D CAD system Rhinoceros 5, which in turn generates BIMscript. Using this CAD data as raw material, BIMscript allows you to make your own digital building objects.

Can I use BIMscript®?


cad/bim developers

BIMscript opens up a new world of opportunities for digital content development. Creating parametric BIM objects to digitalise your product catalogue was never easier. Give your developers the right tools to bring your building or interior design products into the digital era with a clever and efficient solution.

BIMscript makes the digital versions of your products available for the most popular programmes in the industry.

Whether you're a small, independent developer or part of a large, in-house mechanical CAD department, BIMscript® gives you everything you need in order to develop your own BIM objects, compatible with all of the most common BIM platforms.

Using BIMscript, you'll be able to build BIM objects for programmes such as ArchiCAD, Revit, and SketchUp, as well as formats like IFC, DWG, and 3DS.

Powerful scripting language

BIMscript is as powerful a scripting language as they come. It includes not only parametric behaviours, but calculations and product logic as well. Of course, BIMscript also provides Level of Detail with several levels of geometry complexity and combinations alongside a whole range of other properties and attributes.

Advantages of using BIMscript®

BIMscript® Lets you create nine native file formats to use in a multitude of softwares from a single source – saving you both time and effort. 

BIMscript is directly connected to the BIMobject Cloud, which guarantees seamless transitions and an industrial workflow when you publish the BIM objects you have created.

The business model is the perfect fit for smaller developers. Needing only one license for Rhinoceros (64-bit) and BIMobject, you'll be able to develop multi-usable content with rich properties in a wide variety of languages.

BIMscript lets you build BIM objects for the industry's most popular standards: ArchiCAD, Revit, and SketchUp as well as IFC, DWG, and 3DS. New formats are added continuously.


The plugin and the language now both just go by BIMscript – faster to say, just like working with it. Let me give you a quick overview of the new features: 

- ScriptID now generated automatically (with a button click) when New Script is initiated

- An updated range parameter editor

- Added optional default values to range parameters

Improved parameter value validations- Improved messaging:
- Added Warnings for meshes without a NURBS link
- Added Warnings in case of Geometries being on wrong layers
- Added new error messages
- Extended the information in existing error messages

- BIMscript project Import/Export functionality

- Auto-complete feature (Intelligent Code Completion)

- Code structure completion (Full info on how structures work available in BIMscript wiki)

- Renamed the pairing feature to linking to better represent the connection

- Added automatic Meshing&Linking of selected NURBS objects feature

Added “Link” highlight and selection (when there are links already)
- 'Select' button appears which enables the user to select and highlight the Links/Geometries in the Model-

- Reversed default LOD parameter options order to make 300 the default in the output

- Added persisted Login/Logout, we now save the last Login information so no need to login every time

Changed Highlight Geometry button to just Highlight:
- Added Highlight Material feature
- We 'Fit-To-Screen' the highlighted geometry on the active View for better visibility
- Added warning when trying to select geometries from a 'block' structure
- We reveal hidden layers when trying to highlight objects from one
- Geometries no longer require the ‘G’ to be included in the selection for highlight feature

- Automatic material layer repair function

- Added an improved UV generation algorithm

- Added warnings for block creation from objects on different layers

- Added a check on material creation. (Material names can only contain alphanumeric (a-z, A-Z,0-9)  and underscore ( _ )  characters to consolidate material naming)

- Fixed window focus related issues

- Fixed formula creation bugs

- Added Radian and Degree functions (radians(), degrees())

From now on, anyone with a BIMobject account can try the plugin. If you’d like to create files, you need an accreditation with us. Read the accreditation section to learn more about how to get accredited.




BIMscript® is free of charge to users. Publishing the created files in the BIMobject® Cloud is payable for brand manufacturers according to our price list.

Native BIM objects – ready for publishing

BIMscript generates native, intelligent BIM objects in a number of formats compatible with the most popular BIM applications from Autodesk, Graphisoft, and Trimble, with new applications added constantly. The objects can also be created in common formats like IFC, 3DS, DWG, STL, FBX, WebGL, and WebGL VR.

BIMscript is connected to the BIMobject Cloud, providing a seamless workflow when you publish the BIM objects you have created.

Using BIMscript® is free of charge.


Scripting language meets plugin in one powerful solution. 

BIMscript consists of the scripting language BIMscript and it's plugin. The solution is used in combination with the mechanical 3D CAD system Rhinoceros.

Rhinoceros is utilised as a hosting platform for the authoring app BIMobject, which in turn is where BIMscript is generated. BIMscript makes full use of the modelling and optimisation features of Rhinoceros. The resulting solution allows for mechanical CAD geometry to be imported from most mechanical CAD systems, including industry-leading products such as CATIA, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, IGES, NX, JT, Inventor, and Pro E.

BIMscript® – a clever creating solution.

Turning mechanical CAD geometry into intelligent BIM objects.


Offering scalability alongside intelligent product and component description, this clever solution is a lot more powerful than it looks.

BIMscript creates configurable objects with parametric variations and different Levels of Detail. BIMscript is a subset of the C programming language. It allows for the creation of smart objects in BIMobject which are then hosted and managed in the BIMobject Cloud. Objects created with BIMscript can be equipped with properties and metadata from BIMobject Properties (BOPC).

Easy to use

To use BIMscript, you need a commercial licence for Rhinoceros and an accreditation from BIMobject. BIMobject is designed to be user-friendly and syntax controls, testing, and creation of the generated BIMscript takes places within the system. The technology is available free of charge and continuously developed and enhanced.

BIMscript® is developed and enhanced continuously.

Get your accreditation now!

Become a BIMscript® Academy Graduate


Using BIMscript is free – all you need is an accreditation!
Join us at the BIMscript Academy, our exclusive classes where you can get accredited to use BIMscript. Participants learn how to master BIMscript for Rhino in unique seminars taught by BIMobject experts.

There are two ways to get accredited:

- attending on of our BIMscript Academy events in a location near you

- learning on your own with our e-learning package.

Get accredited at the BIMscript® Academy.

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BIMscript® Academy events

BIMobject® AR is based on the Microsoft Hololens, a holographic computer and head-mounted display, considered to be the best mixed reality solution on the market so far.

Reusing the intelligence and objects from the BIMobject platform, this solution allows your customer to place your digital products in their actual environment.

The system is very user friendly and navigation is intuitive - once an object is placed somewhere it can be moved around and properties like colour and size can be changed.

Imagine what it would be like if your prospects could…

  • ...put virtual versions of your products (BIMobjects) in their actual surrounding
  • ... drag and drop objects around the actual space
  • … display the BIM parameters of each object, using BIMobject Graphical User Interface (GUI) or additional “floating in space” information panels.

The system is very user friendly and navigation is intuitive.

get started with vr

The BIMscript® Academy Events give you a unique opportunity to learn from our own solution experts.

Join a BIMscript Academy event in a location near you to learn how to use BIMscript from one of our experts.

BIMscript® Academy events include:

  • Lectures and workshops with hands-on training from our experts on BIMscript and the BIMobject Cloud
  • The opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas while networking and becoming a part of the BIMscript community
  • Access to the forum and our Wiki
  • Accreditation to use BIMscript in your own projects for your own clients (brand owners pay the publishing fee when their objects are published in the BIMobject Cloud)
  • Upon request, a free hidden project cloud to build your own limited-access catalogue (for non-profit demonstration, test, and educational purposes)

BIMscript® Academy events are hosted all over the world. Join one near you!

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Learn how to create digital building products with BIMscript®, regardless of where you might be.

BIMscript® E-learning includes:

  • Introduction to BIMobject® and our solutions
  • Introduction to our business model
  • sE-learning package to learn at your own pace
  • The opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas as you become part of the BIMscript® community and gain access to our forum and Wiki
  • Upon completing your assignment, accreditation to use BIMscript® for your own clients in real projects (brand owners pay a publishing fee for publication in the BIMobject® Cloud)
  • Permission to use the 'Accredited BIMscript® Developer' label
  • Free hidden project cloud to build your own catalogue with limited access (for non-profit purposes such as demonstration, testing, and education)

Contact us at
and request an online accreditation package that you can use to complete the assignment and get accredited.

You don't have to leave your house to build one. Get your accreditation online!

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BIMobject® Corporation, acknowledged by investors with a Global Red Herring 100 award, and a public company on NASDAQ OMX: ticker BIM.  We are the world's largest and fastest growing digital content management system for BIM objects. Our unique solutions for manufacturers provide development, hosting, maintenance, syndication and publication of the digital replicas of manufactured products – BIM objects.

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