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The plugin and the language now both just go by BIMscript – faster to say, just like working with it. Let me give you a quick overview of the new features: 

- ScriptID now generated automatically (with a button click) when New Script is initiated

- An updated range parameter editor

- Added optional default values to range parameters

Improved parameter value validations- Improved messaging:
- Added Warnings for meshes without a NURBS link
- Added Warnings in case of Geometries being on wrong layers
- Added new error messages
- Extended the information in existing error messages

- BIMscript project Import/Export functionality

- Auto-complete feature (Intelligent Code Completion)

- Code structure completion (Full info on how structures work available in BIMscript wiki)

- Renamed the pairing feature to linking to better represent the connection

- Added automatic Meshing&Linking of selected NURBS objects feature

Added “Link” highlight and selection (when there are links already)
- 'Select' button appears which enables the user to select and highlight the Links/Geometries in the Model-

- Reversed default LOD parameter options order to make 300 the default in the output

- Added persisted Login/Logout, we now save the last Login information so no need to login every time

Changed Highlight Geometry button to just Highlight:
- Added Highlight Material feature
- We 'Fit-To-Screen' the highlighted geometry on the active View for better visibility
- Added warning when trying to select geometries from a 'block' structure
- We reveal hidden layers when trying to highlight objects from one
- Geometries no longer require the ‘G’ to be included in the selection for highlight feature

- Automatic material layer repair function

- Added an improved UV generation algorithm

- Added warnings for block creation from objects on different layers

- Added a check on material creation. (Material names can only contain alphanumeric (a-z, A-Z,0-9)  and underscore ( _ )  characters to consolidate material naming)

- Fixed window focus related issues

- Fixed formula creation bugs

- Added Radian and Degree functions (radians(), degrees())

From now on, anyone with a BIMobject account can try the plugin. If you’d like to create files, you need an accreditation with us. Read the accreditation section to learn more about how to get accredited.



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